ChicagoTip™ Benefits

World's only Self Cleaning Suction Tip


·       Allows surgeons to clear debris by pushing the internal retractable stylet within the handle

·       The stainless steel tip is chip resistant

·       The teardrop design allows for precise regulations and renders the suction quiet

·       Single use reduces the chance of infection

·       Saves surgery time and reduces frustration and distraction


·       Self-Cleaning Suction Device

·       Stainless Steel Tip

·       Teardrop Shaped Vent

·       Ergonomic Handle Design

·       Disposable


Low Profile Cervical Curette


Low profile cervical curette is a surgical instrument designed for patients that present with cervical spinal stenosis from herniated disc, ligament overgrowth or osteophytes causing spinal cord compression. The low profile cervical curette provides a simpler and more effective decompression of the posterior aspect of the cervical vertebral body (VB) when performing total disc replacement (TDR) and anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). It may also be used less frequently in cases of posterior cervical foraminotomies.